Secret Lair collaborated with Sheldon Menery, the godfather of the Commander format, to create a drop that would showcase his love of the game and the Magic community. Sheldon had a tremendous positive impact on the game, and this drop honors his many contributions. Sheldon helped a lot on this drop: he selected cards and collaborated on the art descriptions. Inside you’ll find cards he designed, like Inkshield; his signature commander, Ruhan; beloved format staples, like Teferi’s Protection; and more.


1x Foil Teferi’s Protection

1x Foil Eladamri’s Vineyard

1x Foil Italian-language Greater Good

1x Foil Inkshield

1x Foil Ruhan of the Fomori as Sheldon, the Commander

1x Foil Sol Ring

1x Foil Command Tower


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